Random Number Generator FAQ

How to use

There are serveral random generation modes available in the app. In the Number and List modes, you can configure some of the generation parameters, such as “No repeat”“Quantity” and “Delay”.


Number mode allows you to generate random numbers (including floating point numbers) within a specified range. To generate, click the button in the lower right corner. In the number and list modes, you can set some generation parameters, such as “No repeat”, “Quantity”, etc.


List mode is designed to select one random item from a list of words or phrases that you can enter yourself.


Dice mode is for rolling dice. The number of dice can be changed.

Cast lots

Cast lots mode is exactly for casting lots. You can customize the quantity of all items, as well as the marked ones.


Coin mode allows you to toss a coin.

Premium features

In the premium version, you can create an unlimited number of lists (the free version has a limit of 3 lists). It also has no ads.

You can find more information about purchases and subscriptions here.

Not random generation?

The random generation algorithm works correctly. If you get the same number or a combination of numbers, it means that it was an algorithmic randomness at that time.

If you don’t want numbers to repeat, just turn on the “No repeat” parameter.