Voice Recognition FAQ

General information

In our apps, we use Google voice recognition service, and unfortunately sometimes it does not work perfectly. We are sorry, but there is nothing we can do about it. However, Google is improving it day by day and we hope it will work much better for you soon. Hope for your understanding.

Privacy disclaimer

Our apps do not send your data anywhere. They only use Google voice recognition service, which is available if you have installed the Speech Recognition and Synthesis from Google app or the Google app and thereby accepted their license agreements by reading the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. If these apps (depending on the Android version) are not installed on your device, Google voice recognition service will not work.

Microphone permission

For Google voice recognition service to work, you also need to give microphone permission to the Speech Recognition and Synthesis from Google app (if you have Android 13 and above) or the Google app (on other versions of Android).

To see the list of apps installed on the device, go to Settings → Apps.

Voice commands for punctuation

You can dictate punctuation marks. As far as we know, there are several common voice commands for punctuation:

  • Period (dot)
  • Comma
  • Dash (hyphen)
  • Exclamation point (exclamation mark)
  • Question mark
  • New line
  • New paragraph

This depends on the implementation of the recognition service and may work differently on different devices. You can experiment with other commands. They may work on your device.

To move the cursor to a new line, say “New line” or “New paragraph”. Sometimes this only works for the phrases “Period new line” and “Period new paragraph”.

Offline voice recognition

To use voice recognition offline, install voice packages.

For Android 13 and above:  Settings → System → Languages & input → click on the gear icon → Add a language.

For Android 12 and below:  Settings → Apps → Default apps → Digital assistant app → click on the gear icon → Offline speech recognition.

The location of the settings may differ depending on the Android version.

If you do not find the voice package you need, it is most likely not currently supported by Google voice recognition service.

Recognition language

The entire set of languages is taken from Google voice recognition service. If, when choosing a recognition language, you did not find the one you need, most likely, it is not currently supported by the service.

Quick language panel (if applicable)

To quickly change the recognition language (even during recognition!), enable the “Show language panel” feature in the app settings. You can set any available language as a favorite so that it appears on the panel.

Custom recognition dictionary (if applicable)

You can customize the voice recognition result using the “Custom dictionary” feature. It allows you to replace certain words or phrases after recognition. The feature is located in the app settings under the “Voice input” section.