Purchases and Subscriptions FAQ

General info

We distribute our apps only through Google Play and use only the Google Play billing system to process payments for purchases and subscriptions. For more information about purchasing or subscribing to content, please visit Google’s official Help Center page.

Problems with payments

We do not control the process of paying, it is absolutely on the side of Google Play. We recommend that you follow the steps on the official Google In-app purchases and Subscriptions troubleshooting pages:

Purchased content across devices

All purchases are assigned to your Google account and will be saved even if you accidentally delete the app. If you use the same Google account on another device, then all paid purchases will work there too.


To return your money, we need to find your order. When you paid for the purchase, you should have received an email from Google Play. There is a number of your order there, it starts with GPA followed by a lot of numbers. Please send us the full number at support@uxapps.tech and describe the reason why you want a refund in order to proceed.

If for some reason you do not have it, please send us the date, approximate time and currency of the purchase, your country of residence, and the email address from which the purchase was made so that we could look up for your order.