Voice Search FAQ

General info

The point of our app is that you can search in different search engines, and also easily customize frequently used queries for yourself. You can also search for contacts and apps installed on the device, write SMS and make calls.

How to use

To search on your device, click on the microphone button or enter the query manually in the input field on the top toolbar. The second tab of the bottom menu contains commands. You can use them to search for information on specific websites or services. For example, click on the Google icon, dictate the text, and your browser will immediately open with your request in Google search. Commands can be added to Favorites, which is located on the first tab of the menu. Completed actions are displayed on the History tab. They can also be added to Favorites.


You can add widgets for all commands to your home screen directly from the app. To select a widget, click the widget icon on the top toolbar.

Premium features

In the premium version, you can add an unlimited number of actions to your favorites (the free version has a limit of 10 favorite actions). It also has no ads.

You can find more information about purchases and subscriptions here.

Voice recognition

You can find more information about voice recognition here.